We all curse at the moment we see the computer we bought last month go on sale. You walked into a store, shelled out 1.000$ for a brand new machine and 3 weeks later it goes on sale for 800$. It gets frustrating sometimes. Almost the same feeling comes to mind when you buy an old model which gets an upgrade in a couple of months. This is the way technology works, new products are always ready, just around the corner, waiting to be released on the market.


But how do I profit from these constant changes, you might ask. We are here to help you determine the best time to change or upgrade your machine, so you keep up with the current tech level, but without losing too much money.

Do you need a new machine right now?

When you do all the math, the answer is quite simple. The best moment to get yourself a new computer is the moment when you need one. For example, when your old computer breaks down or your job demands better performance. The same is when you need a first computer for your children. Then it is clear that there is no reason for the delay. But, if you already have a computer or a laptop which can serve your needs, then a bit of strategic thinking will save you a bit of money.


For instance, Apple has the policy to refresh their machines once a year. There is no regular schedule to it, and not all models get new versions at the same time, but if you wait for the right moment, you can profit. Wait for discounts and sales during the holidays. Also, Black Friday is always a good chance to snatch a deal.

Sales are the key

PC manufacturers usually release new machines three times during the year. These are the summer holiday season (June-August), the autumn holiday season (Sept to Dec) and spring time (Feb to Apr). Our experience shows that, among these, the best periods are late July/early August and early December.

IF you want to get yourself a new laptop and not spend too much money, but still get a decent machine, go shopping during the back-to-school shopping frenzy. So, get some cash ready in early August, and you might hope for the best deal.